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Care Instructions

For all clothing, the washing result is best if washing is done according to the washing label and the washing machine is not overloaded. Put the clothes inside out in the washing machine. The clothing becomes cleaner, can damage less quickly and wrinkles less.

The use of a laundry bag keeps blouses and shirts nicer. The best advice to get clothes clean is to wash as soon as possible after wearing. This does not give any stains the chance to penetrate too deeply into the fabric. Opt for a wrinkle repair program, do not use fabric softener and moderate the amount of washing powder.

We recommend that you always first wash the garment at 30 ° C on a short program with a small amount of detergent. This removes the finish from the clothing and allows the fabric to breathe. We would like to point out the washing instructions for Le Nouveau Chef’s clothing. We recommend that you follow these instructions to maintain optimum quality. View the full washing instructions here.

Frequently asked questions

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